To all who successfully survived a Covid-19 disease or want to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV2.

We like to document your experiences with Covid-19. As well, we love to share your attitudes how you personally value current options on vaccines against SARS-CoV2.

According to very recent scientific findings, our individual genome structure most likely contributes how our body reacts to corona infections. As scientist experienced in whole genome analysis, as professor for immunology and director of the Institute of Immunology at the University Medicine Rostock, Germany (as alumni of the EMBL /Heidelberg/Germany and of the former Basel Institute for Immunology /Basel/Switzerland) I encourage all Covid19-convalescents to share your experiences with Covid-19 disease including complaints and symptoms with us. We like to know via email correspondence how you personally experienced Covid-19 disease, see contact addresses below.

Please, note, my research team developed a bioinformatic Covid-19 tool yet unpublished that might enable us to determine involvements of our genome. Only in conjunction and with the support of Covid-19 convalescents, we will be able to verify that the severity of Covid-19 disease might be highly predictable once we connect medical data with genome information. Thus, we invite you and welcome you to share your personal Tellmegen data sets as raw data with us.

We offer you a structured scientifically driven approach how to share your experiences and questions with us via the following e-mail addresses. We encourage you (if you want to) to contact us directly by selecting the most appropriate email address representing your Covid-19 story best.

We are committed to keeping your e-mail correspondence confidential.

Based on our mutual efforts, we might even come to the conclusion that our analysis might motivate the public how to assess upcoming vaccination strategies regarding safety and efficiency.

Our initiative aims to evaluate your personal experience with Covid-19 disease according to scientific criteria and standards. Our mutual findings will definitely support future Covid-19 patients and their families. You might have noticed in media reports as well that questions cocnerning the best possible vaccines is becoming more and more important.

More information will be available to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter. On request we send you further information concerning upcoming vaccination strategies.

We encourage everyone affected with Covid-19 disease management to contact us. Under certain circumstances, one might contact me individually at the following e-mail address.

We are very interested in maintaining individual contact with you by sharing expertise and knowledge with you on request.

Our current computational analyses focusing on Covid-19 open up new perspectives for the public that we wrap up under the term P4-Family-Medicine (personalised, participatory, predictive and preventive to the benefit of your family).

Your Prof. Thiesen with his team and associates

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We like to thank the support team of Tellmegen and in particular you for your cooperation


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