Dear all, Survivors of the Covid-19 disease.

Inspired by P4 medicine (personalized, participatory, predictive, preventive), your experiences with corona infections are assumed to contribute significantly and groundbreakingly in handling "future cases of Covid-19 diseased patients".

Our initiative is initiated by Prof. H.-J. Thiesen, physician and internationally renowned scientist (Director of the Institute of Immunology, University Medicine of Rostock). His team encourages all Covid-19 survivors with a positive Coronavirus test to provide his research group with personal information concerning your previous medical history, your BMI, age, gender, ethnicity, life style (physical activities, diets). These data are of relevance once we and you relate your personal data to your individual genome, epigenome and lifestyle. The central question we like to answer with your help and support is how our individual body can be supported to cope with corona infections more efficiently. Can we find together with you predictive determinants that favor a personalized epi-genome based Covid19-risk management. We are keen on telling the world how your body did win the battle against SARS CoV2 infection.

Our initiative has two arms: a questionnaire (PI: Prof. H.-J. Thiesen) joined with the Tellmegen service (info@tellmegen.com) as a second arm.

We invite all Covid19 survivors world wide to take part in our survey conducted in Germany: You are invited to share your personal Covid-19 experience by getting access to our questionnaire via the following email addresses. Please, based on your personal experience, select by yourself which group of Covid-19 convalescents to join:

Your personal classification is of great benefit to conduct our scientific evaluation. We commit ourselves to treat your email correspondence confidentially. For this purpose we ask for your permission that we might contact you by e-mail or/and by phone once you contacted us.

Please, contact info@tellmegen.com if you want to provide your personal genome being reviewed in respect to your individual potential to fight corona infections. If you agree, please, give us your consent and permission that enables us to analyze your genome data in Germany in an anonymous manner. If so, please, inform Tellmegen during your ordering process and tell them which Covid-19 disease type you long to mild, moderate, serious or not yet infected (no disease).

Your personal support might beneficiary to all individuals that still have to win their fight against coronavirus SARS-CoV2.

In advance, we thank you for your cooperation hopefully to the benefit of all of us.

Further information: Comprehensive Covid-19 study (in preparation) adressing all Tellmegen customers.

Your Prof. Thiesen and his team

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Prof. Dr. Hans-J├╝rgen Thiesen
Universit├Ątsmedizin Rostock, Institut f├╝r Immunologie
Schillingallee 70
18057 Rostock
Email: hans-juergen.thiesen@med.uni-rostock.de